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Nutritional Support

KOALA Nutritional Warmer®

The KOALA Nutritional Warmer® manufactured by Kentec Medical, Inc. is an easy-to-use, UL listed nutritional warmer with an integrated temperature feedback loop. The feedback loop is operated by unique and custom algorithms that prevent damage to the properties of human breast milk and fortifiers. The Koala’s intuitive user interface simply guides you through the three modes of warming and thawing: Fridge to Feed, Frozen to Feed, and Frozen to Fridge.

The Koala Pouch is a disposable warming bag for nutrition containers such as syringes and bottles. Its unique two-pouch design keeps nutritional containers separate from water used in the warming process. In addition, the extended fold over flap prevents any water from splashing into the dedicated syringe or bottle area while filling.

Product Codes

Koala Nutrition Warmer
1 / EA
Koala Nutrition Warmer Pouches
50 / BX

KOALA Nutritional Warmer®

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KOALA Nutritional Warmer®
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