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Kentec Medical

Caring for life from the beginning ℠

Serving the medical community since 1970

Our Story

Incorporated in 1970, we bring over 50 years of experience to the medical community where we have a continued focus and strength in NICU/Nursery and Women’s Health. We take pride in our team and our core competencies in Customer Service, Sales Support, Education and Logistics.

We’re an FDA registered company with an in-house Regulatory Department supporting both Manufacturing and Distribution operations…but we’re so much more!

At Kentec Medical, we are empowered and encouraged to bring our ideas, creativity, and authentic selves to work every day. We strive to create a workplace that reflects the communities we serve. Our employee tenure reflects not only our satisfaction with the culture, but our commitment to the medical community.

Our Mission

At Kentec Medical we are proud to celebrate 50 years of excellent service made by our team to all of our healthcare community partners. Our continuing focus on a longstanding commitment to clinical product quality and improved safety remains our highest priority today. Evidence based measures that reflect the best practice and interest of medicine is the foundation from which we operate.

We have chosen a career in one of the most rapidly changing fields and we must always be willing to learn from our colleagues to reach the best possible solutions for today’s newest challenges. Only through this collaboration we will continue to find the best possible results for our patients, our profession and our communities.

We believe we have the greatest Healthcare System in the world and one that will constantly undergo significant changes to reflect the evolving needs of our society. To this end we remain dedicated, regardless of our roles, to be part of all industry leaders working toward meaningful change and a better, more healthful future for all.