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Critical Care

AquaGuard Boot

The AquaGuard Boot provides a full leg, sleeve-style moisture barrier that can be applied without assistance, allowing patients independence while showering.

AquaGuard Boots are made in the USA with thoughtful features for quality hospital and home healthcare. Instead of adhesive, for example, each boot-style shower sleeve uses a reusable, Water-Seal Band® with a simple auto-locking buckle.

This full-let shower boot sleeve helps keep surgical sites, diabetic ulcers, wounds, dressings, and orthopedic cast/appliances dry during showers. Works for tattoos also. A single 43” boot provides foot, ankle, knee, and lower-thigh coverage.

Product Codes

43” Long Boot for surgical sites, diabetic ulcers, wounds, dressings, orthopedic casts/appliances Reusable Bands included
75/Box - 25/Box

AquaGuard Boot

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