Value Proposition

Unique Business Model

Our proven business model is intensely focused on capital efficiency and speed to market. Through careful project selection and focused business processes, we are able to advance products from concept to commercialization faster with far less capital than the typical medical device company. Our multi-product strategy, targeting all commercial opportunities regardless of clinical condition or specialty call point, enhances value creation through risk mitigation, economies of scale and more versatile utilization of capital.

Efficient and Effective Path to Regulatory Clearance

We believe medical devices have the potential to move from concept to commercialization much more rapidly and with significantly less capital investment, however, most medical device companies are not structurally or operationally equipped to fulfill this potential. Our speed-focused model allows us to significantly surpass these industry benchmarks.

Driving Capital and Time Efficiency Through Key Business Factors

Our Model incorporates unique business processes that leverage external resources allowing us to operate as a larger organization while maintaining a leaner, more efficient corporate footprint.

Commercially Driven Project Selection

Kentec Medical emphasizes products with high impact within attractive markets without regard to specialty or clinical area.

Accelerated Value Creation Through a Flexible Commercialization Strategy

Kentec Medical offers the flexibility to self-commercialize or partner with larger strategic entities. We tailor commercialization pathways for each product which maximizes value creation while avoiding or deferring fixed costs associated with premature establishment of a broad and expensive direct salesforce.