Hummi Closed, Needleless, Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device


The Hummi Micro-Draw reduces overall blood/fluid volume movement significantly during UAC Sampling. Hummi’s unique design allows for sampling directly from inside the catheter hub through a split septum T-connector. This closed, needle-less system minimizes blood exposure and dramatically reduces alteration of cerebral blood flow, a known cause of neuro-impairment in very low birth weight babies. Blood clearance volumes are reduced approximately 70% with Umbilical Catheter use, and flush volumes are reduced up to 80% over current methods. Hummi provides additional clinical advantages over current methods of blood sampling from Umbilical Arterial Catheters.

  • Maintains a closed system access through a closed port, split septum
  • Reduces line accesses to 1 per blood draw (versus 4 for open stopcocks)
  • Eliminates the need for complex and bulky in-line closed systems
  • Eliminates setup time, in-line air issues and wave form damping seen in current in-line blood draw devices
  • Draws NO blood into the arterial line during sampling procedure
  • Standardizes blood waste to a very low volume for each draw; less than 0.2mL.
  • Eliminates the open drip method for PAL sampling
  • No positive or negative pressure applied to radial artery
  • No flushing required after PAL blood draw
  • Disposable after single use. Use only when needed.
  • May extend the life of the PAL catheter due to lower volume movement

Order Info

Code Description U/M
ABG-HM-1 Hummi Closed, Needleless Micro-Draw Blood Transfer Device 50 / BX
NMT8046 Micro-T Split Septum T Connector 6" 100 / BX
ABG-3601-VS 1mL Self Venting Syringe with 15 units Heparin 100 / BX
ABG-3603-VS 3mL Self Venting with NO Heparin 100 / BX