AmeritusĀ® ENFit Syringe

Product Brochure


The Ameritus ENFit syringes group is comprised of 1 mL, 3 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL, 30 mL and 60 mL syringes. The Ameritus ENFit syringe has a specialized double seal gasket to prevent leaks. The ENFit syringe has an off-set tip to maximize caloric intake. All ENFit syringes come single packed with a slip-fit orange cap. The Low Dose Tip syringe is a specialized ENFit syringe that replicates a traditional male syringe design with the same delivery variance of an oral syringe. The Low Dose Tip significantly reduces the dead space of the ENFit syringe. Ameritus ENFit syringes are validated on leading syringe pumps including the Smiths Medical Medfusion 3500 and 4000. All our enteral feeding products are orange in color to provide easy visual recognition and continuity of feeding tubes, extension sets, and syringes. All Ameritus enteral products for the NICU and Pediatrics are sterile, single packed, BPA/Latex/DEHP free.

Order Info

Code Description U/M
ENF1-KMS-LD 1 mL Ameritus ENFit Syringe - Low Dose Tip 200 / BX
ENF3-KMS-LD 3 mL Ameritus ENFit Syringe - Low Dose Tip 100 / BX
ENF5-KMS-LD 5 mL Ameritus ENFit Syringe - Low Dose Tip 100 / BX
ENF10-KMS 10 mL Ameritus ENFit Syringe 100 / BX
ENF20-KMS 20 mL Ameritus ENFit Syringe 100 / BX
ENF30-KMS 30 mL Ameritus ENFit Syringe 50 / BX
ENF60-KMS 60 mL Ameritus ENFit Syringe 20 / BX