Ameritus® ENFit Extension Sets


The Ameritus ENFit Extension Sets come in two different configurations: Straight and Bifurcated. Lengths include 36 and 60 inches. The Bifurcated Extension Set eliminates the need to disconnect the extension set from the feeding tube with flushing or administering medication. A clinical preference of our bifurcated enteral feeding extension set has the medport built into the distal connector and not spliced into the actual tubing. This reduction of dead spaced results in minimal waste when delivering medication and fluid to the patient. All our enteral feeding products are orange in color to provide easy visual recognition and continuity of feeding tubes, extension sets, and syringes. All Ameritus enteral products for the NICU and Pediatrics are sterile, single packed, BPA/Latex/DEHP free.

Order Info

Code Description U/M
ENF-EXT-036 36" Ameritus ENFit Extension Set, Approximate Priming Volume 1.3 mL 50 / BX
ENF-EXT-060 60" Ameritus ENFit Extension Set, Approximate Priming Volume 1.7 mL 100 / BX
ENF-EXT-Y060 60" Ameritus ENFit Extension Set - Bifurcated: ENFit Administration hub, ENFit Medport hub, Approximate Priming Volume 2.1 mL 100 / BX