Our Story

Kentec Medical has been serving the medical community since 1970. During the past 50 years, we have earned industry wide trust and confidence by listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Kentec Medical remains committed to responding to those needs through the introduction of innovative technologies, services and support that provide improved patient outcomes at lower costs. To that end, Kentec Medical has established its own branded line of products under the Ameritus™ brand name, and we encourage you to explore our product offerings. Working in partnership with our manufacturers and customers, we will continue to respond and adapt to changes in the healthcare industry and provide products and support across the continuum of care.

Our Mission

At Kentec Medical we are proud to celebrate 50 years of excellent service made by our team to all of our healthcare community partners. Our continuing focus on a longstanding commitment to clinical product quality and improved safety remains our highest priority today. Evidence based measures that reflect the best practice and interest of medicine is the foundation from which we operate. We have chosen a career in one of the most rapidly changing fields and we must always be willing to learn from our colleagues to reach the best possible solutions for today’s newest challenges. Only through this collaboration we will continue to find the best possible results for our patients, our profession and our communities. We believe we have the greatest Healthcare System in the world and one that will constantly undergo significant changes to reflect the evolving needs of our society. To this end we remain dedicated, regardless of our roles, to be part of all industry leaders working toward meaningful change and a better, more healthful future for all.


Can I safely discuss my product idea with Kentec Medical?

Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, device manufacture, or patient with an idea, Kentec Medical can help you make that idea a reality. NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) are always encouraged before discussing any device idea with Kentec Medical or any other device manufacture. We can provide NDA documents and help you set up a meeting by contacting us at info@kentecmedical.com

I am a medical device manufacturer looking for distribution in the United States (US), can Kentec Medical help?

Yes, Kentec Medical can help successfully take your product to market. We tailor each product’s pathway to successful commercialization, utilizing numerous marketing, sales and logistics options. To learn more please contact us at info@kentecmedical.com

Does Kentec Medical have a direct salesforce?

Yes, Kentec Medical has a direct salesforce with national coverage that specializes in account level, IDN C-Suite and B2B sales.

I have seen your products in [human] milk banks and milk labs across the country, how can I get access to your products and consultation services?

Kentec Medical is the market leader in milk banking, pasteurizing and processing solutions across the US. We would be happy to have our uniquely qualified milk banking team reach out to meet your needs. Please contact us at info@kentecmedical.com

How can I purchase devices?

Kentec Medical uses all commercial avenues to make products easily available to our end users. We offer direct and online sales. For direct sales please contact us at (800) 825-5996 or info@kentecmedical.com

How can I stay connected with Kentec Medical?

We love listening, connecting, educating and spreading big news! Our social platforms are a great way to connect and and let us know how we can best help you!

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