This product is manufactured by:

Ameritus Safety Enteral Feeding Products

Enteral Feeding Syringe Pump

1st PUMP

Enteral Delivery System™

Features and Benefits:

  • Functions with Enteral Feeding Syringes Specifically Programmed on the Pump
  • Automatic Syringe Detection by brand, size and volume
  • Automatic Syringe Volume Detection
  • Clearly Labeled "Enteral Feeding Only"
  • Orange Color Coded to Match Orange Enteral Components
  • Three-Point Syringe Safety: Syringe must be engaged at the plunger, barrel and collar before pump will operate
  • Syringe Safety Signals: Audible and visual alarms if syringe is removed or displaced during infusion
  • Easy to Program
  • Infusion volume, rate and feeding duration continuously displayed on the pump screen
  • AC or Battery Powered
  • Small and Compact