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Kentec’s Commitment to Safe Enteral Feeding

In continuation of Kentec Medical’s safety-driven legacy enteral product offering, Kentec Medical is proud to offer its ENFit® enteral delivery system for neonates and pediatrics. Our 510k awarded ENFit system offers a full, extensive complement of feeding tubes, extension sets, syringes, including low dose tip, and accessories. Kentec Medical’s ENFit enteral system complies with ISO-80369-3, the international standard for enteral delivery to aid in the prevention of misconnections.  Being your enteral delivery partner, Kentec will continue to provide its award-winning, proven Ameritus oral safety enteral system.

ENFit Frequently Asked Questions

When will ENFit be available?

Our full line of ENFit enteral feeding products including feeding tubes, extension sets, syringes and low dose tip syringes are available now. For more information please contact us at (800) 825-5996 or email us at

Will Kentec Medical continue to supply their current Ameritus oral safety line?

Yes, we will continue to support our legacy enteral oral safety system.

Will Kentec also offer an ENFit ‘Y’ feeding tube?

Yes, we will continue to offer our single and dual hub feeding tube designs to meet all your neonatal and pediatric delivery requirements.

Will the Ameritus ENFit syringes have an offset tip?

Yes, this clinically preferred syringe tip is on the Ameritus ENFit 10 mL, 20 mL, 30 mL and 60 mL syringes.

What is the availability of the ENFit low dose tip syringes?

Our low dose tip syringes, offered in 1 mL, 3 mL and 5 mL sizes, are available now.

Have all Ameritus ENFit products received 510(k) clearance?

Yes, all Ameritus ENFit enteral feeding products have received 510(k) clearance.

What color is the Ameritus ENFit product offering?

The Ameritus ENFit enteral line will continue to be orange. From pump to patient, our orange enteral ENFit and oral safety lines add an extra level of safety with enhanced traceability.

Will the Ameritus ENFit products be compatible with those of other manufacturers?

Yes, our ENFit connections on our feeding devices will only connect to other standardized ENFit connections. All of the clinically demanded Ameritus unique features of our feeding devices are found in our ENFit enteral product offering.

How is Kentec partnering with GPOs for ENFit?

All of Kentec Medical’s GPO contracts will include our extensive ENFit product offering.

How will Kentec support our conversion to ENFit?

Kentec Medical will provide ‘receiving dock to patient’ service when converting to our ENFit enteral system. All departments involved in enteral feeding will be supported and serviced in the ENFit conversion.

What enteral feeding pumps are your ENFit syringes characterized to?

Our Ameritus ENFit syringes are characterized on Smiths Medical MedMedfusion® 3500 pumps (with PharmaGuard® v5 or later software) and Medfusion® 4000 pumps (with PharmaGuard® v1 or later software).

Can Kentec provide references for where their ENFit products are currently being used?

Yes, please contact your local Kentec representative to learn more about our ENFit initiatives across the country or contact us at

What populations does Kentec’s ENFit product offering cover?

Our complete ENFit enteral feeding system covers both low birth weight baby and pediatric populations. Additionally, our ENFit enteral syringes are cleared for use with adults.

Will there be different ENFit product catalog numbers?

Yes, for a full list of ENFit product numbers please see our Ameritus ENFit Catalog.

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